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The Marine Links Hotel & Restaurant was established in 1922 and was recently refurbished by Derek Nagle & Anthony Bennett. Located in Ballybunion, one of Ireland’s most popular tourist destinations, we strive to give the best service we possibly can to all of our guests.

Patrons can enjoy the relaxing ambience of our soft lighting and warm décor while dining on our exquisite cuisine. They are also drawn to the hypnotic views of Ballybunion’s historic castle and the wild Atlantic Ocean beating off the rugged shoreline.

Our Head Chef and owner, Derek Nagle, is a highly skilled and innovative chef who uses his experience to cater for all food lovers. He takes pride in using fresh and locally sourced ingredients and produces imaginative menus.

Derek makes sure that on every menu that there is locally caught fish and locally sourced tender red meats such as steak. He is particularly passionate about using locally caught fish and enjoys working with local fishermen to ensure that only the cream of the catch makes its way to our customer’s plates. His talent is reflected in the presentation, taste, texture and colour of his dishes.

This is fine dining at its best, bringing together the finest aspects of Irish and international cuisine.

Elaine Bennett, our restaurant manager, operates the Marine Links efficiently while maintaining a stellar reputation that encapsulates the ethos of the establishment. Elaine ensures that only the highest standards of food, service and health and safety are practiced. She strives to deliver the best possible experience for each and every person that dines in our restaurant.

We hope you enjoy your experience with us here at The Marine Links Hotel & Restaurant.